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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Going to the Movies: Amrita

First up in our Going to the Movies series: co-host Amrita talks about not going to the movies while growing up in Delhi, Hum Aapke Hain Kaun...!, screenings in Michigan that were barely better than someone's living room, and secretive venues in NYC.

This story and all others will be collected at the series page, which is also linked on the left of the main site. We'd love to hear yours and hope to add a new one each week, so send yours in! Submission requirements and instructions, as well as an overview of the project, are on the series page.

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  1. I saw my first movie in a theater at age 4 in Jamshedpur, India. The movie? The Jaya Bhaduri-Vijay Anand marital drama Kora Kagaz! Thanks to my older brother and I, Mom hadn't been to a movie in over 3 years and I guess she decided that it was time go OUT.:-D

    Sadly, the afternoon at the movies turned out be very expensive for my Mom. While we were watching Jaya pull the pallu of her sari around her shoulder yet again, our house was being robbed. The thieves ignored the other valuables in the house and took off - with my Mom's wedding trousseau.:-(

  2. Shalini! You need to record for us! Or else call in and we'll record it for you.

    What terrible thieves! I'd rather lose the TV and all the electronics in my home than something like that! >:-(

  3. Yeah Amrita! We totally need to badger Shalini into recording. She has plenty of movie-theater anecdotes to share. For instance, she can tell us all about her suffering for art, watching Hindi films for a whole decade, um, standing up! (Reason? Er, she saw posters of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun plastered right next to Debbie Does Dallas or something coz apparently porn shacks are the only places Hindi movies played in the Georgia of the about southern "hospitality" huh? -- certainly not *my* definition of sterile, lol). Tell us Shalini, tell us...You know you must!! :-)

  4. I'm really enjoying these podcasts! Amrita, I just love the idea of a 'mass Indian exodus in Times Square' after a Bollywood screening. That's a classic scene in itself!