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Monday, December 27, 2010

Going to the Movies: Todd

Todd, our resident connoisseur of B-movies on unsubtitled VCDs, tells us about his special event-fueled experiences of Hindi cinema on the big screen in downtown San Francisco.

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  1. It makes so much sense to hear you talk about the crowd effect with Om Shanti Om - I feel the masala entertainer is something that really pays a theater viewing. Hollywood has its 3D and CGI extravaganzas; Bollywood has men in puffy shirts. Sounds fair, imo.

  2. I saw OSO in the theater too - not a film festival at a movie palace, just regular opening weekend at a zillionplex in the Chicago suburbs, and my crowd was pretty rockin' too. Most definitely one I'm glad I caught in a full and appreciative audience.

    And - nice one, Amrita! You sneaked a puffy shirt reference in!

  3. Aishwarya's eyes blown up to planet-size? That sounds like esoteric sci-fi! Is Bollywood missing out on an opportunity to make great niche sci-fi?

  4. Beth & Amrita, I'm really savouring this collection of podcasts!

    Tod, I'm so glad you talked about THAT song from OSO. A bit like yourself, I'm lost in a world of classic Bollywood so it often takes a while before a BIG movie registers on my radar. And there came a day when EVERYONE around me was discussing all those stars in THAT epic sequence from OSO. It made me feel so out of touch that I got the DVD and sat down to watch it as a matter of urgency. I had my misgivings about the film but counting off the stars during Deewangi Deewangi more than made up for it.

    I loved hearing your experience of that song in particular at the cinema. I felt quite envious of your experience actually since your description of the crowd's reaction was really evocative, and I watched OSO by myself on DVD - my own fault though for leaving it so long!