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Monday, January 3, 2011

Going to the Movies: Leena

Leena of A Spoonful of Ghee gives a desi, suburban-intrepid counterpoint to downtown-focused Todd on watching Bollywood in the San Francisco Bay area.

Starting at the age of 12, Leena relied on the Naz 8 (now closed) for her Bollywood fix. These days she has a few other options available, but nothing can replace the bickering aunties and screeching children of the Indian multiplex of her youth. And whatever you do, do not miss her re-enactment of the cinema's hotline listing that week's offerings and bragging about a film featuring "the one and only superstar, heartthrob of millions, yes, the one and only Sanjay Dutt."

She also has a great post on her experiences renting Bollywood films in the San Francisco area here.

Leena, Beth is desperate to go to the movies with you. She knows exactly what you mean when you talk about missing your little raffle ticket stub. Call her.

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHA!! Everytime I listen to that "recording", it just kills me even more. Ah yes, the days when Sanjay Dutt was the biggest star in the world.

  2. Totally! I think I'm on listen #4 and it just gets funnier. Maybe I'll start answering my phone like that....

  3. Beth, you crack me up! LOL@ "listen #4..." -- so your stocking's the one Santa stuffed with that ever-elusive gift, Time! **Seethes with jealousy**

    Leena's recollections of (what was once) Naz 8 are awesome indeed, especially her hotline mimicry. Reminds me of the hives-inducing dentist ads and Chevy dealership ads they run on Namaste America every Saturday (that I religiously FF now, thanks to TiVo). Flabbergasted that they still torture the captive audience like T-Series once did with its Hindi album cassettes -- an effing ad after EVERY favorite song. It's not like you can hit skip, you know...tape rewinds are tedious. In her post a while ago IIRC, Memsaab had also waxed poetic on the pestilence that's (un-forwardable desi DVD) ads. Why why why do they do this?? One of universe's milky mysteries, I suppose.

    About Naz 8. I had NO IDEA the cinema house I'd seen all of two (Tamil) movies at (as elaborated in my GttM story that's patiently sitting in your queue, speaking of which Leena's informed eloquence -- and that of others before her -- puts my inane ramblings to shame) had so much quirkiness going for it.

  4. Now I'm extra sorry I never made it to the Naz!

  5. Haha..this was SO funny. I loved not just the mimicry but also the bit about aunties fighting over seats, A/Cs turned on either too high or too low and children inappropriately brought to the cinema. So typical!!! Nice one, Leena.