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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What. the. Frack?! The Films of 2010 - Part 1

Even as the stink on Tees Maar Khan begins to fade and voting for the Filmfare award nominations reaches a close, let's not say alvida to 2010 just yet. In a two-part series, Amrita and Beth are joined by friend and life-long film nut Samrat to review the fabulous, fine, foul, and completely forgettable films of 2010. Today's episode covers:

The "Comedies": Golmaal 3, Housefull, Action Replayy, No Problem

The Romantics:
I Hate Luv Storys, Aisha, Anjaana Anjaani, Band Baaja Baarat, Kites, Guzaarish, Break Ke Baad

The Epics:
Dabangg, Veer, Raajneeti, My Name is Khan, Raavan, Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Sey

The Unusuals:
Ishqiya, Peepli Live, Striker

You'll notice we never got around to discussing some of the aforementioned, which should tell you something about them.

Available on iTunes, through subscription of our feed or download here. In the meantime, stay tuned for Part 2.


  1. I haven't seen Peepli Live - I fell victim to the Aamir Khan fatigue that you described so well! Can't wait for part 2 :)

  2. It's in my netflix queue and after reading Filmigeek's writeup and hearing all this conversation I am quite tempted. A good thing about never reading current Bollywood "news" is that I am blissfully unaware of stupid marketing.

  3. I know you're right, but now I kind of want to see the movie with the flatulent gorilla.

  4. OK. So you guys convinced me to watch Ishqiya and I liked it a lot! To Samrat's question about where the police goes at the end - they came in, saw the local bigwigs fighting it out, and beat a strategic retreat. :D I thought the film started out way too slowly but the end completely makes up for everything. And now I can't stop listening to Dil to baccha hai ji - what an absolutely gorgeous song!

    Amrita, I thought Band Baaja Baraat was about a rich manchild with an ambitious girl friend - the only difference was that they did not live in Mumbai and did not speak in a posh Hindi accent! But for the rest, it does follow all the standard tropes of modern rom-com - a clueless, uncouth and annoying hero and a smart, focused and intelligent heroine. It does use those tropes pretty intelligently though, and I did like it. But a big masala NAHIIIN!!! to wishing Ranbir Kapoor would be more like Ranveer Singh. The latter reminded me so much of the guys who used to hang out outside my college in Delhi, hoping to snag a girl - any girl. I hope Bittu Sharma was a result of some excellent acting on Ranveer's part, and not something we will have to see onscreen all the time! And speaking of manchild heroes - whatever happened to the Cary Grant kind of leading men who'd win a girl through sheer charm? Are 21st Century women fated to fall only for idiots?

  5. Such a ROFL-tastic slice of conversation around last year's releases. (Yeah, I'm specifically referring to the bit where Samrat steps in to take umbrage at Beth labeling Veer "Mard of the Millennium," (hohoho) saying (switch to imperious tone here) "I'm sorry but no one slanders Mard in a podcast that I'm part of." Also laughed hard when Beth goes on to further diss Veer (or was it Houseful?) as "grunting with effort" (and then appropriately illustrates" it, by bringing up the part where they (try to) stuff a pineapple in someone's butt (I mean, really? oh my gawd! I MUST watch Veer/Housefull!). Samrat was also hilarious when he talks about how Jackie Shroff "could've cut a scream or something" coz folks had no idea whose arm got cut off and were only clued in when he (20 years later, i.e. 20 mins in movie time) walks in with a metal arm.

    Totally with Samrat on FF'ing and watching Kites in like 40 mins...(Uff! That film was seriously off-putting) and Dabangg did nothing for me either (maybe coz I simply couldn't sit down and watch it...I was extremely distracted by chores around the house when the DVD was playing, so only caught bits and pieces, though, to its discredit, if what little I saw had grabbed me, I'd have dropped everything to sit down and give it a focused viewing -- commenters at Beth's have however ensured that this happens in the not too distant future).

  6. I'm not much into new movies - not that they're necessarily bad but only because I've a huge backlog of old movies to catch up with and whenever there's a choice, I invariably end up watching an old one.

    From your list above, I've only seen Ishqiya, Dabangg and Rajneeti. The first two were in a film hall in Bangalore (persuaded by family), Rajneeti was on a flight from India.

    I liked them all, but none of them were "wow" for me. I thought all of them had flaws - Ishqiya suffered a bit from the "curse of the second half" IMO, Dabangg was too "forced" 80s-style for this generation and Rajneeti ruined a great first-half but ridiculous killings in the second (the curse strikes again!).

    I was quite impressed by the performances in all of them. Salman is not my favorite lead hero but I thought he made a real good effort in Dabangg. And even Katrina, who really irritates me in most of her movies, did an ok job in Rajneeti (well, for once, she did not irritate me). Ishqiya has excellent performances from all 3 main characters.

    Haven't seen any of the "comedies" but I can imagine how "funny" they must have been. I have seen a few in recent years (can't even remember their names now) but they were appalling, to say the least. I totally agree with your comment that the actors seem to think they are funny, the moment they are told they are in a "comedy". And just when you think they cannot run out of ideas anymore, a new movie comes out there advertising its bankruptcy.

    Have heard a lot about Peepli Live - not seen it. I have to see it now, if only to see what's so Oscar-nomination-worth about it. Agree with you that Aamir should just concentrate on making movies for normal people instead of for the Oscars.

    Loved the podcast - am used to the two of you (Amrita and Beth) but Samrat was great fun to listen to, too. All of you have a wonderful, natural way of discussing stuff without bothering about being PC or caring about reputations. You say it as you see it - and that's what I like. :-)

    Keep it going - may MZ go from strength to strength!