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Thursday, January 13, 2011

What. the. Frack?! The Films of 2010 - Part 2

In part two of our series on the films of 2010, Samrat is back with Amrita and Beth to talk about more oddballs, underdogs, and also-rans. Today's episode covers:

A few more Unusuals: Striker, Robot

Can you think of heroes more different than Siddharth and Rajnikanth? Neither could we.

The Little Movies that Could
: Love Sex aur Dhoka, Udaan, Do Dooni Char

Other Things We Couldn't Remember: Badmaash Company, Chance Pe Dance, the roller skating one....

Plus wondering how Tees Maar Khan would turn out (this episode was recorded before it released) and our top picks for the year. Listen to Samrat's impressively prescient diagnosis and why Kay Kay Menon is awesome. For a more detailed discussion of Tees Maar Khan, join Beth et al at Upodcast: The Perils of Bollywood Fandom & Reactions to Tees Maar Khan.

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  1. Another very entertaining podcast from you three, thank you! I think my personal highlight was Samrat not even pausing for a breath before naming & shaming Kites as time that had been stolen from him. I am sorry you didn't discuss Chance Pe Dance because I am still struggling to find an adjective that adequately describes Genelia's 'dancing' and I was hoping you would come up with something. It was really interesting & fun to listen to, and I have a few films for my list as a result.

  2. Thanks Temple! Samrat is not at all one to mince words, which is one factor that makes him a fantastic podcast guest. I will mull over the important question you raise about Genelia and get back to you - it DOES need to be pinned down (and disposed of).