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Monday, April 4, 2011

Going to the Movies: CheeC

Friendly frequent commenter CheeC from Chennai talks about the importance of Rajnikanth on her film-going history, complete with firecrackers and standing-room-only films.

She also bravely recounts the traumatizing childhood experience of her first Hindi film, Shaan.

And in an appropriately filmi coincidence, CheeC, like our last participant Ramsu, also went to BITS and reminisces about movies there. Although it must be noted their taste in Malayalam movies is vastly different.

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  1. Ah yes, I remember watching Manichithirathazhu at the auditorium. It came highly recommended, and didn't disappoint.

    Watching movies in the BITS audi had its own clutch of wonderful moments. I remember a screening of Sholay, with entire rows of people reciting the dialogue in Amjad Khan's intro scene, word for word, with even the pauses aligned perfectly. It was like listening to the audience sing along to a classic number at a rock concert.

    I got my first taste of the Rajni mania when I attended a first-day-first-show screening of Padikkadhavan. By then, I think he had already been elevated to demi-god status. All I remember is the decibel level for the first five minutes.

    Loved the post. Thanks for the memories!


  2. Hey Ramsu, glad you liked it. And I must say I'm quietly basking in the warmth of these 15 minutes of fame (ok ok 9, not 15, thanks to Beth's editing masterstroke...I wonder when/where/if the bits that got left on the cutting-room floor will eventually wash up (gulp!)....teh suspense is keeling, but Watkins I say? Beth be boss of tieMing and all!) Thanks to Beth (and Amrita) for putting me up (and putting up with me). :)

    That's true about BITS being the best time for many of us movie nuts. Yeah I recall watching Sholay to a packed audi (was during APOGEE '95?). Another stand-out memory for me (in a "life imitates art" sort of way) was walking over to the audi to see Twister in '96.

    It was a stormy night and my entire wing had left me behind, coz I got a phonecall from home (during which I was likely yelling at my dad and mom for holding me hostage on movie night). After that, I walked outside the hostel and the winds were whooshing...the leaves were blowing everywhere. So it was more than a little eerie when I entered the packed auditorium -- some 10 minutes after the movie had started, so ended up missing the prime spot my friends had saved and sat way way at the back -- and found Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton in a heated conversation about... tornadoes. Dorothy had arrived? Oh yeah. :-)