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Friday, June 17, 2011

Tollywood in Oz

Temple of Cinema Chaat joins us to share her love for, among other masala marvels, Chiranjeevi. You know, this guy:

WARNING! The following clips contain silver go-go boots, crocheted capes, a robot, sparkles, leg warmers, flying, reverse camera action, and lots and lots of lycra.

More glitter planets? Coming right up!



Hitched-up lunghi means business!

And Beth's favorite.

What started with Magadheera (go on, ask her how many times she's seen it) has quickly spiraled into passion for the Megastar family, crowned by the dancing king himself. Temple also tells amazing tales of movie-watching in Melbourne, Australia, including her stint as an extra in the stands of the big matches in Chak De India or being a 5'10" gori in the cinema hall during the latest Tollywood releases.
other audience members, at interval: Do you understand what's going on?
Temple: Sort of.
other audience members: Do you speak Telugu?
Temple: No.
other audience members: Are you going to learn Telugu?
Temple: No.
other audience members: Oh. You speak Tamil, then.
Temple: No, but she [gestures at film-watching and blog-writing companion Heather] knows a bit.
other audience members: Hmm. Hindi?
Temple: A bit.
other audience members: Ah. But you don't speak Telugu?
Temple: [sigh]
Almost lost amidst all this fabulousness is a throwaway reference to house favorite and famed dance demon Shashi Kapoor (the dancing starts around 4:00 in the clip below):

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  1. Um, did Temple just refer to this as her "slight" Chiranjeevi obsession on Cinema Chaat? Uh-huh. Ok.


  2. Why yes Amrita , I did. I recognise that I have a way to go before I approach your level of 'interest' in say, Mahesh Babu :) And if only we had recorded this more recently, I would have regaled you with the fabulous outfits in SP Parasuram (my favourite *might* be the bath towel).

  3. Great podcast! I think Temple has explained very well the reason why Telugu films are so awesome and why we love them so much.
    I feel very lucky to be in Melbourne where we do have the opportunity to see Telugu and Tamil films in the cinema, even if they don't have subtitles. There is no better way to enjoy the full effects of machetes on the rampage, and the audience reaction is just as much a part of the whole experience.
    And we really do have exactly the same questions posed to us every time we go - even after a year of going to watch these films :)
    I'd second Temple's recommendations, especially Arya2 which is my favourite film. As far as the 'mega-family' go (got to love those titles) - it's all in the eyes and they do have the best in the business!

  4. Heather, where's your Going to the Movies?!

    And that clip of RInga Ringa from Arya 2 really changed my mind for me! Could not get a copy fast enough.