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Friday, July 15, 2011

Filmistan High Class Reunion: Koffee with Karan Season 3 in Review

Maria of the blog Filmiholic returns to Masala Zindabad to review the rest of season 3 of Koffee with Karan. Just like your yearbook, we're giving out our own awards—Karan's were so predictable, darlings— to statement, moments, and performances on the show.

The Good:
  • guest we'd actually want to meet for coffee or a drink
  • most pleasantly surprising guest

  • cattiest Rapid Fire round
The Bad:
  • most eye-roll-inducing guest/moment/episode

  • most adolescent behavior

The Ugly:
  • guest whose ensemble made us say "What were they thinking?!?"
  • biggest cringe/"Oh no they didn't!"
Special Award for Outstanding Achievement in Yadda Yadda Yadda:

A few suggestions for the future of the show:
  • number one change we wish they'd make to the format of the show
  • guests we'd love to see
And some thoughts on the new show by Simi Garewal, India's Most Desirable. Plus, if anyone knows why a man so interesting and articulate as Karan Johar insists on making such a terrible show, let us know!

If you missed our first post on KWK midway through its season, you can listen at this link. Masala Zindabad is available on iTunes and through subscription to our feed, and you can download this episode here.


  1. Oh ladies! I'm a brand new listener to the podcast and I'm so flipping happy I started with this one. You girls are hilarious. I'm not sure you meant to, but you've made me want to youtube the ENTIRE SEASON RIGHT NOW! I love a good trainwreck and I'm sure I hear the Susanne and Hrithik episode calling my name. Great fun, ladies

  2. Ahahaha! Nothing better than when a good plan comes together! Get right on it and tell us what you thought TB!

    And welcome to the blog!

  3. Nice podcast, this one! I don't think I watched much of this season or the last (after the first one, I kinda gave up on the show), but from what little I saw, I think you guys nailed it in your review.


  4. Please don't tell me you didn't care for what I thought was the best episode?! Sonam-Deepika. You mentioned Sonam's fashion sense but nothing about the episode or I missed it?

    I really thought that was the best episode this season because they were more real, acted their age for the most part though Sonam was over enthusiastic while Deepika understated. It came across very natural with none of the "Look Ma, we are so bold" of, say, Rani and Vidya.

    Of course, the icing on the cake was my Joey-esque, "What? Stop them? Throw some jello on them!" reaction throughout the episode.

  5. You weren't the only one. I thought Susanne was totally drunk or was high on something else when I live-saw the show.

    I loved Zoya and Farhan's episode. Seemed very real and normal, like you mentioned. Ekta and Tushar were something else altogether. I hated that. I usually don't hate KWK episodes, they are purely timepass, but this was disgusting.

  6. Ramsu - I never watched the first seasons at all because I was SURE I would hate the show, and I think I was right! You're not missing anything IMO, though as you heard Amrita and Maria are junkies :)

    Gradwolf - We talked about that one more in our first episode about the show here: That's an interesting point about them acting their age. Especially within the constraints of what Karan kept asking them about, they were not at all the worst-behaved guests of the season.

    Nandini - Hee! It does make you wonder what's in those coffee cups! Or maybe Karan's "Roomba" emits fumes to which he is now immune?

  7. Apropos Hrithik singing Wind Beneath My Wings to Suzanne, was that what was being slyly referred to in that opening scene in ZNMD, with Abhay and Farhan barely holding in their laughter?


  8. Ramsu,

    That's exactly what I was thinking! When I saw the film last Friday night and I knew Beth was going to see it a few hours later, I tweeted her saying "Be sure you're there on time for the opening of the film, and see if you can spot a tie-in to the KWK podcast"....


  9. Ladies, if you are looking for an interview program where the questions go beyond the inane or the gossipy, may I suggest CNBC-TV18's "Beautiful People" hosted by Anuradha SenGupta? In addition to filmi folks she will sometimes interview writers, politicians and even athletes. But when speaking to directors or actors she focuses on their craft, career decisions, etc. The episodes are all available on CNBC-TV18's YouTube channel. For example, here is her recent interview with Zoya Akhtar - Part 1: Part 2&3:

  10. My pet peeve is the question ' What/how is your equation with...?' What does that even mean?? I wish someone would deadpan ' balanced.'

  11. Oh my goodness, folks. I'm trudging through the series and have run into an incredible obstacle. Shahid/Priyanka! By far the worst episode so far. They are hugely annoying! That giggling (Priyanka Karan) and Shahid taking himself too seriously (did you see Chance Pe Dance, Mr. Kapoor? Cuz I did!). And I'm only 15 minutes in! BACHAO!

    On a happier note, I completely agree about Deepika and Sonam's episode. By far the most enjoyable so far (sorry SRK...I still love you Boo!). They were age appropriate and fairly real (albeit a bit giggly because they're young but I'm not sure what Karan's excuse was). There is still something about Sonam I cannot stand. I've not liked her in anything and it can't be the characterization each time, could it?

    I'm pacing myself and not moving Hrithik/Suzanne up the queue even though I'm chomping at the bit to see it! I'm also still waiting to find out what award show they're all going to/coming from because everyone's WAY too dressed up to sit on a sofa!