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Friday, August 19, 2011

No animals were harmed in the making of this podcast: The Wild, Wonderful World of ANIPALS!

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Todd from Die Danger Die Die Kill and Teleport City is back to talk with us about filmi friends furry, feathered, and finned. Join Charles from Doodh Ka Karz,

Sheroo the Wonder Bird (Dharam Veer),
the respectful tiger (Mard),

the villain-busting Fluffy (Khel Mohabbat Ka),

the subliminal marmoset (Pyasa Shaitan),

and the top primate himself, Pedro from the Zimbo films,

as we discuss Indian cinema's contributions to zoology.
  • Are all birds (including Allah Rakha from Coolie) inherently evil?

  • Which dog has the better trick: shooting Shetty (Rani aur Jaani)
    or sniffing out Kader Khan and Kabir Bedi (Khoon Bhari Maang)?

  • Can you really call yourself a spy film villain if you don't have a lap cat as in Maha Badmaash?

  • Does any Hindi film character love their pet...or rather, any pet their human companion more than Moti of Teri Meherbaniyan?

  • Is Shashi Kapoor's Ajooba the most diversely populated anipal movie of all time?

  • And speaking of Ajooba, perhaps you prefer Khoon Pasina's take on the classic theme of Amitabh vs. tiger?

  • How villainous is this evil killer from James Bond 777?
    Could he be turned to the good (but still very feisty) side by Moti (Mard)?

  • The growing field of human-ichthyological communications as depicted in Arya 2.
If this epic hour-long episode leaves you wanting more, you can read all of Todd's Animalympics posts here.


  1. Whoops! That momentary silence at the end before Amrita says "Bring back the talking parrot" is an editing mistake from Beth!

    The only trouble with learning about anipals is that my own dog seems so plain by comparison. He is only helpful with normal(-ish) dog things like barking at squirrels and snarfing up bits of celery that fall to the floor.

  2. I stand by my marmoset designation. Even if it's not a marmoset, it has the spirit of a marmoset...AS WELL AS THE SPIRITS OF ALL THOSE WHO OPPOSED IT!!!

  3. Excellent fun! I'm so glad Amrita remembers two of my favorite anipals ... Tuffy the dog from HAHK - whom my sisters and I used to call 'an avatar of Krishna' because he answers Manohar's prayers to Krishna ... and the kabootar from MPK. But one of my favorite animals in movies was Hariprasad from Sadma (whose name was Subramani in the Tamil version - Moondram Pirai). He was the cutest little puppy!

  4. AN AVATAR OF KRISHNA!!! That's the best anipal description EVER! Tuffy zindabad!

  5. I also forgot about 'Stupid' ... Zeenat's dog in Lawaaris. He doesn't do too much, but he does give Amitabh the opportunity to do that fantastic "stupid little puppy" scene. Shakti Kapoor acquires a chimpanzee in Jaani Dost who marries Sridevi & Jeetendra's female chimp ... and in the same film Parveen Babi befriends an elephant named Laxmi.

  6. Does the animated parrot from Main Prem ki Deewani Hoon count?

  7. I know we mentioned it in the conversation and am pretty sure that bit made the final cut of the podcast. So, yes! :)

  8. Okay, Tuffy and the dove are mildly helpful, but Salman Khan's real anipal is his helpful horse in Bandhan (1998). When Jackie Shroff kicks him out the house, Salman instructs the horse to keep an eye on the family he's left behind. The horse doesn't actually do a very good job of this, but it does free Salman from jail in time for the climatic dishoom. So only two Khans to go. The star I'd really like to see with an anipal is Ajay Devgn because imagine the stunts (nay, Thrills even!) they could do together.


  9. An amazing actor against the big animal is the best one among this list as per my view Amitabh is did a great work there.