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Sunday, November 13, 2011


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Season 3 of Masala Zindabad kicks off just in time to speculate on one of the biggest releases of 2011. Join us as we review what worked and didn't in both the 1978 and 2006 versions of Don as we queue up for tickets for the new one!

Everyone should read this fascinating interview with Chandra Barot, the director of the 1978 Don, by Syed Firdaus Ashraf on Rediff. Among the tidbits you'll learn: it was dreamed up as a fundraising project for a friend, it was made on a shoestring over the course of three and a half years, its producer died during shooting, and it had very tough competition at the box office. And read about how Don's bow ties ripple through to today's fashion, at least for one interviewee in this Times of India story.   

A note from the Quality Control Office: We apologize for the technical problems with this recording. Most of our discussion of the character of Roma did not record (you will hear what sounds like a context-less discussion of how she is introduced in the 2006 version of the film), and there are also some bits that drop syllables or short strings of word and sound a little like a radio station that isn't quite coming in. Also, I (Beth) forgot to add music as an intro and fade-out, but given everything else that happened with my work and home computers today, I'm lucky just to still have a keyboard that works. Sorry!

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  1. So happy you guys are back! I've been wanting to see the SRK Don for some time, and your podcast has inspired me to have a Don party and watch the old and the new back to back!