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Friday, June 3, 2011

Doss the Boss: Action Films of Director KSR Doss

We're back, baby! This episode is worth the wait: with Thrills Coodinator Todd of Die Danger Die Die Kill and Teleport City on board, we romp and stomp through the films of director K. S. R. Doss. "Color! Action! Pure cinema!" raves Todd. If you've never seen any of Doss's 70s films (the focus of our show), you're in for an amazing treat. Elements like frenetic fights, stylized acting, "dances like Laxmi Chhaya on crystal meth," and even the female players leaping in with reckless abandon add up to the feeling that Doss "is trying to destroy the concept of subtlety itself...there's no room for anything to be understated." And we love them!

In addition to summaries and details of a few of Doss's films in detail, we discuss his influences and techniques, common elements across the films, what the kick-ass female characters are all about, and the relationships between his work and today's Telugu action films (other than the Superstar Krishna and Son connection).

Todd's take of some of the films mentioned in this episode can be found at the following links:
Beth has also written up James Bond 777 and Mosgallaku Mosgadu. James Bond 777 is now available on Youtube.

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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Kaala Pathhar (1979)

The featured movie for December is 1979's Kaala Patthar, directed by Yash Chopra, written by Salim-Javed, and starring half of Bollywood: Amitabh Bachchan, Rakhee Gulzar, Shashi Kapoor, Parveen Babi, Shatrughan Sinha, Neetu Singh, Prem Chopra, Mac Mohan, Parikshit Sahni, Poonam Dhillon, Iftekhar, Madan Puri....

Join us for an in-depth look at one of our favorite socialist-masala movies. We'll put in a spoiler warning for those of you who've never seen it before and direct you to Beth's review, which comes complete with a screenshot of Shotgun Sinha's impeccable manicure.

Things discussed in this podcast include:
  • Parveen Babi's shiny, shiny hair guaranteed to leave the rest of us unfortunates green with envy
  • Shashi Kapoor's general awesomeness, especially when tackling men roughly double his size
  • Amrita's love of the Amitabh-Rakhee pairing and Beth's love of Shatrughan Sinha
  • Charles Bronson, coal miner extraordinaire
  • the (possible) significance of water (maybe?)
  • and just what the hell was Amitabh's problem? We're all at sea!

You can listen to Masala Zindabad - Kaala Pathhar (1979) by clicking the player above, subscribing to our feed, on iTunes or downloading here. Thank you for listening.
    PS - can you identify the theme music for this month?

    Friday, November 26, 2010

    The Forgotten: Character Actors in Hindi Cinema Part 2

    In Part 2 of our conversation with Greta from Memsaab Story, we talk about her favorite finds and the man for whom she is searching desperately - The International Sombrero Man of Mystery. Please help if you can.

    Listen to the tale of her dinner date with Boman Irani (strictly platonic and very cerebral, thank you very much!) and how Aamir Khan did her a great favor even though Dara Singh is her idea of a pin-up.

    Below are a few more people discussed in this episode:

    Edwina (in the gold dress) in Arzoo (1963)

    Ted in Janwar (1965):

    and in "Jaan Pehchaan Ho" from Gumnaam (1966) He is in the middle and the guy on the far left - on Ted's right - is Helen's brother Roger

    Herman and Edwina in Anari (1959):

    Herman Benjamin (dancer turned choreographer, sadly died young in 1969), also in "Jaan Pehchaan Ho"

    To wrap things up, here is someone who sadly got edited out of the final show but deserves to be mentioned all the same: Jagdish Raj, father of Anita, who played a police officer in 144 films. And that's in addition to all the films he made where he didn't don an uniform.

    You can listen to Masala Zindabad - The Forgotten Part 2 by clicking the player above, subscribing to our feed, or downloading here. Thank you for listening.

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    The Forgotten: Character Actors in Hindi Cinema Part 1

    In our first official episode of the Masala Zindabad podcast, we talk to the always lovely Greta from Memsaab Story about actors we all recognize but seldom know by name. Memsaab Story, for those few of you who don't already know, has fast developed into a go-to resource for fans of Hindi cinema, especially for films of the 1970s and before.

    The first of our two-part discussion includes the story of the (surprising?) movies that introduced Greta and Beth to Bollywood, hard-to-find actors like Nazir Kashmiri a.k.a. the Ramu Kaka of countless films who led to the start of Greta's Artist Identification Project, and how the supporting cast frequently outshone the lead actors.

    Here are a few of the faces you'll hear about in our conversations about "Oh...that guy!"
    • Chandramohan in Roti (1942)
    • Nazir Kashmiri in Dilruba (1950)
    • Maybe Bismillah (on the left with the red turban) in Zabak (1961)?

    And here's a link to Surjit Singh's gallery that inspired Greta's own massive galleries of actors through the decades.

    You can listen to the Masala Zindabad podcast on iTunes, by clicking on the player above, subscribing to our feed, or simply by downloading here.

    Join us next time for Part 2 featuring Sombrero Man and some truly astonishing stats.

    Apradh (1972)

    PS - Amrita would like you to know that, her crappy editing skills to the contrary, all members of this podcast do actually pause to breathe. Just fyi.